My GitHub Repositories : shaneleblanc

  1. OpenPledge

    A free registry platform/tool for running Donation Drives, allowing organizers to manage "Wish Lists" or lists of needed items, and allow donors to pledge items, money, or volunteer time.

  2. Open-Pledge-Back-end

    Back-end API, database and authorization components for Open Pledge. Using Python with Django, PostgreSQL/SQLite, and Django REST Framework

  3. virtualcurbsidedonation - [Live Demo]

    St. Anthony's Virtual Curbside Food Donations

  4. StAnthonys-Header

    Header with pic for virtual curbside

  5. bartdepartures

    Command line tool to check BART Departure times using Python and the BART API

  6. group-finder

    Group Finder Web Application for Online Games

  7. bloomfilter-flask-react

    Implementation of a Bloom Filter with murmur3 hash function in Python, made into a webapp using the Flask framework and React.js for front-end

  8. intellij-idea-settings

    My IntelliJ Idea settings repository (used to sync IDE settings on different computers)

  9. ampnotes

    Serverless Note-taking app using AWS, Amplify, React.js

  10. notetaking

    Note Taking App built with Django

  11. kickstartcoding-frontend

    Node, React, Redux, MongoDB, Express, and other activities and homework

  12. concertshare

    ConcertShare is a free tool empowering social concert-going. Create groups with your friends to follow artists' events together!

  13. portfolio-django

    My personal portfolio, this time built with Django!

  14. PathOfBuilding

    Offline build planner for Path of Exile.

  15. rpg-currency-charts

    React Component for Charting Virtual Currencies

  16. poe-charts-react - [Live Demo]

    Interactive graphs using React to show different Path of Exile currency values using real, live-updated data.

  17. poe-charts - [Live Demo]

    Path of Exile Currency Charts using CSS and Javascript

  18. codefights solutions

  19. kickstartcoding

    KickStart Coding Notes, Homework, etc.

  20. cutetherapy

    A service to automatically send pictures of dogs/cats/foxes/memes over SMS and Email.

  21. portfolio - [Live Demo]

  22. tensorflow-music-generator


  23. Rocket.Chat

    Have your own Slack like online chat, built with Meteor.